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Spring 2016 Semester

  • Revolutionary Women in Jazz

    Lissette Acosta-Corniel, Matthew Goon, Terri Moise, and Sarah Pickup

    This DHi project evaluates revolutionary women in jazz music, examining an array of women who differ by race, instrument, influence, family life, experience, and popularity. Overcoming adversity and other barriers to achieve the positions they have today, the women’s stories found in the archive are both revolutionary and inspirational.

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  • Location, Space, and Women In Jazz

    Katherine Bauer, Kylie Davis, Mary Pivirotto, and Jenna Wilson

    “Location, Space, and Women In Jazz” is an interactive project dedicated towards celebrating the role of women in jazz throughout history. The site takes viewers through the history of jazz from its birth, as well as the history of women as portrayed through the media in jazz. The authors of the project, Katherine Bauer, Mary Pivirotto, Jenna Wilson, and Kylie Davis strive to shed light upon women jazz musicians who were hidden from the media, and encourage others to do the same.

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  • New York & New Orleans: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Women In Jazz

    Richard Detwiler, Jesse Heekin, Kelan McConnell, Weston Wilbur

    The female influence on the jazz genre possesses great relevance: a storied presence that must not be swept under the rug, but rather celebrated. Having had to overcome both gender biases and, in some instances, racial barriers, the idea that these social constraints would have some influence on the content of the music of these women seems more than plausible. Stemming from this hypothesis, "New York & New Orleans" hopes to contribute to the intricate female jazz narrative, and highlight the geo-specific political and social influences of the lyrical, tonal, and thematic elements of select female jazz music.

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  • Women Composers in Jazz

    Jennifer Donovan, Adrian Marcano, Paige Pendergrast, and Samantha Srinivasan

    Women Composers in Jazz focuses on the lives and impact of four women in the jazz community. Each woman has her own unique story and has persevered through barriers such as gender and race. These women are not only composers and musicians, writing popular music themselves, but they have also collaborated with many other great artists. Their personal achievements have left an important mark on the history of jazz, and their legacy continues to grow and have a profound effect on many aspiring jazz musicians.

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  • Jazz Instruments and Their Women

    Claire Han, Nilesh Nair, Noah Weissmann, Isaiah Carpenter-Winch

    Jazz Instruments and Their Women seeks to tell the stories of eight successful female jazz musicians. The archive contains individual biographies on the musicians we chose to highlight. Within these biographies, users can find information about the respective musician's life on and off center stage. The goal of this project is to allow users to understand and appreciate the different experiences women in jazz had based on the instrument she played. The archive also attempts to highlight the different experiences female jazz musicians had in relation to their race. Please take full advantage of all the features of the archive. We hope you enjoy!

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